ART BATTLE Ottawa Finals!!

The Art Battle Ottawa Finals are this Saturday! Come out and support as I go head to head with a bunch of talented artists for a chance to compete in the National Finals in Toronto next month! Its happening at  the Ottawa Convention Centre / Centre des congrès d'Ottawa
55 Colonel By Dr 
Limited Advance tickets will be available at Fall Down Gallery!
More info at the link below:

Drippin Soul x SPIRIT BEAR


I recently had the opportunity to visit northern British Columbia to document some of my fellow Artist-Educators (Whitney French and John Akpata) as they facilitated some poetry workshops. During the down time I got to shoot a ton of photos of the amazing BC rainforest wilderness.The highlight was easily the sighting of a Kermode "Spirit" Bear along the Nisga'a Highway.

 Rare and legendary, the Spirit Bear is also a local mascot in Terrace, BC which is the lovely community where we were staying. Its image is literally everywhere, including painted on a sheer rock face on the local mountain! Spotting the real deal, though...that's another story. Though black bears are common, Spirit Bears are extremely elusive. Even locals couldn't believe our dumb-luck (it really was, we were just driving and there it was) at laying eyes on one since lifelong residents rarely get the opportunity.

Check out the brief video above as I got to take the shot of a lifetime. I definitely feel inspired and thankful to have witnessed such a majestic and unique animal in the wild. I only hope the Spirit Bear's habitat in the Great Bear Rainforest will remain liveable for future generations. There are currently under 400 left in the world. You can see a few more of my BC pictures HERE.

Drippin Soul X ROBERT NESTA MARLEY Prints!


$50.00 CAD Prints available to order for a limited time to commemorate the birthday of Robert Nesta Marley on Feb.6, 1945. Undoubtedly the king of reggae and the first global Third World superstar, Bob's life and music have long been an inspiration to me. You can buy the prints HERE.
One Love!

Drippin Soul X ART BATTLE 89


Some good news to start off 2014! I won Art Battle 89 in Ottawa last week, which means I'll be going to the city finals in a few months, and if by luck I make it past those, to the nationals. Many thanks to family and friends who were able to attend and lend me their support for the win! All the competitors brought something unique to the table and I had a great time participating! Thanks as well to the Art Battle team!

Art Battle is an amazing competitive live painting competition that goes across the country pitting the most talented painters against each other in 20-minute rounds. You can check HERE if you're interested in participating or attending an Art Battle in your city. 



Many thanks to the good folks at The African Perspective!
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